Alumni Connections

When you enroll in International Relations Online, you will immediately gain access to a vast network of alumni who are professionals spanning the globe. Graduates of both IR Online and the School of International Service have produced positive outcomes throughout the international community, and they remain active in helping students find outlets to make an impact on communities around the world.

International Relations Online Alumni Profiles

Veronica Dudo
Graduated in 2019

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Kevin Mackey
Graduated: Summer 2018

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Patrick Nissen
Graduated: Fall 2017

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Sichao Ni
Graduated: Fall 2017

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James Anderson
Graduated: Summer 2017

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Betsy Henderson
Graduated: Summer 2017

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David Spencer
Graduated: Summer 2017

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Lindsey Taylor
Graduated: Fall 2016

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Anna Jo Morris
Graduated: Summer 2016

Read Anna Jo’s Story

Pax Escobar
Graduated: Summer 2016

Read Pax’s Story

Rebecca Zemek
Graduated: Summer 2015

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Emily Ham
Graduated: Spring 2015

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Alex Oliver
Graduated: Spring 2015

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Alumni Resources

Through the SIS Alumni Network, you will find opportunities to connect with SIS alumni during live events, online seminars, and career-building exercises.

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