Online Master of Arts in International
Online Master of Arts in International
Online Master of Arts in International

Through the online Master of Arts in International Relations program, students develop strong foundational knowledge of the key theories and principles underlying the field of international relations. Students learn to influence decisions across borders and cultures by sharpening their analytical skills with regard to cross-cultural communication and foreign policy.

Students graduate with the economic, statistical, and decision-making skills that are crucial to succeed in this sector.

Program Overview

The online MAIR program is 39 credit hours. Students who have previously completed approved introductory macro and microeconomics course work may be eligible to forgo 3 credit hours and finish the program in 36. Coursework must be completed within 3 years of starting the program with a grade of B or better to be considered for approval. The program can be completed in as few as 24 months. GRE scores are not required.


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Students can customize their course work by selecting from of a variety of concentrations, including global security, international development, and U.S. foreign policy. They will also be required to participate in at least one immersion experience held on the School of International Service (SIS) campus in Washington, D.C., and have the opportunity to participate in optional study abroad trips that include locations around the world. They will finish the program with a capstone project that incorporates skills gained throughout their courses.

Class Profile


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The information above reflects enrolled students as of January 2018.

Next Steps

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Application Requirements


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“SIS students learn how to think, analyze, question, understand, and act. They learn ethical perspectives that will guide them as they become citizens—and leaders—of the world.”

Tamar Gutner, MAIR Program Director

Online Learning

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) program benefit from an innovative, online learning platform that combines live classes hosted via webcam, interactive course work, and collaborative group exercises. The platform allows for flexibility while receiving a world-class education at SIS, from anywhere in the world.

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Learning Outcomes

Course work in the MAIR program will provide students with the following competencies:

Theory and Practice

Students will gain knowledge of concepts, organizations, and policy debates in the field of international relations. They will explore the theoretical assumptions underpinning arguments and proposals and understand the major theories of international relations.

Research and Analysis

Students will be able to demonstrate writing, presentation, and thinking skills in the analysis of international relations as well as key quantitative research methods. They will also analyze policy to evaluate the effectiveness of programs.

Professional Intercultural Skills

Students will acquire the intercultural skills to analyze and interpret conflicts that involve people of different cultures; to understand the process of intercultural negotiation and adaptation; and to appreciate how culturally determined values, beliefs, and worldviews shape behavior at all levels.

Specialized Expertise

Students will develop proficiency in a subject area beyond foundational knowledge through in-depth study of a specialized subfield.

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