A Beginner's Guide to Environmental Agreements

What is an international environmental agreement? What goes into signing them, and what is the history of nations adopting these agreements?

Defining Environmental Sustainability and Peacebuilding

Students and faculty at the School of International Service are generating creative solutions for environmental sustainability and environmental peacebuilding.

The Space Ambitions of China, Russia and USA

U.S. and Russian space agencies are more collaborative than their respective governments. How does China fit into the current space landscape?

Could trade tensions between China and the United States open doors for Russia?

It’s difficult to predict what will happen with Sino-American trade tensions, or how important the trade relationship between China and Russia will become, but the conversation about the trade dynamics among these three countries is far from over. Based on World Trade Organization and World Bank data, we explore the importance of trade to the U.S., Chinese, and Russian economies.

Teaching in the International Relations Online Program, a Q&A with James Goldgeier

We talked with Professor James Goldgeier about his experience teaching in the program, what makes the School of International Service such a special place, and why international relations is such an exciting field.

Finding Hope in Climate Engineering

Our planet’s temperature continues rising and with it, carbon dioxide levels. Are we past the point of no return? Some scientists say we’re nearly there but there are still available options that can help us mitigate climate change—one of those options is climate engineering.