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helicopter landing on aircraft carrier Global Security

With a focus on examining the dynamics of peace, security, and war, students in the Global Security concentration will learn to prevent, manage, mitigate, and provide solutions to conflicts and struggles in communities around the globe.

aerial view of the Pentagon United States Foreign Policy & National Security

To prepare for careers in foreign relations, defense, or intelligence, students will explore the execution of international strategies with a focus on the economic, historical, and political underpinnings of policy formulation.

bustling city International Development

How can we support developing communities throughout the world? Students in this concentration will learn how politics, public health, sustainability, and economic growth play into the development of both countries and communities.

woman and man negotiating International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

By developing a deeper understanding of the causes of global conflict, students in this concentration will learn to engage in and apply strategic negotiation tactics to end international disputes and evaluate post-conflict landscapes.

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Ecuador Flag

By W. Alejandro Sanchez

For almost a decade, U.S.-Ecuador relations have either been in a downward spiral or a tense standoff, and new diplomatic initiatives as well as sharing the same …

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