Intercultural Communication


This interdisciplinary course examines the interaction of people across cultures and considers such topics as cross-cultural communication, management and adaptation, intercultural negotiation, and how culture impacts conflict between individuals, cultures, and nations. The primary goal is to provide students with concepts, knowledge, and skills that will allow them to analyze and interpret the dynamics of any cross-cultural interaction or conflict. At the end of course, students will be able to:

  • Define intercultural communication as a field of inquiry within international relations
  • Identify and understand the contributions of major scholars in the field
  • Understand the dynamics of intercultural communication at the interpersonal, national and international levels
  • Apply concepts of the field to analyze and interpret case examples of intercultural conflict
  • Explain how culture impacts cross-cultural adaptation and negotiation
  • Consider how cultural aspects of national identity perpetuates international conflict and shapes foreign policy

Required for the following concentrations at masters of international relations online:

Global Security
Int’l Development
Int’l Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
US Foreign Policy & National Security