MSW@USC Cross-Program Course Offerings

The following courses are available from MSW@USC, the online Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California School of Social Work:

Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
The ecological systems paradigm is the lens through which theories of personality, family, group, organization, community and culture and the interaction among these systems are explored.

Global Violence Against Women
This course provides a broad understanding of violence against women within a global context.

Policy and Practice in Social Service Organizations
Study of social work organizations with emphasis on their policy contexts, organizational theory, and the development of delivery systems.

Social Work Research
An introduction to research methods, including conceptualization of research problems, literature review, research design, sampling, measurement, data collection and data analysis.

Leadership in the Social Work Profession and Organizations: Theory and Practice
Through didactic and experiential methods, students learn to interpret and apply leadership theory and research. Covers skills of effective leadership at all organizational levels.

Substance Abuse with Consideration of Other Addictive Disorders
Exploration of nature and treatment of substance abuse and other addictive disorders as well as relevant treatment models for individuals, groups and families.