Visiting Courses FAQ

Which courses can I take?
You can take select courses from colleges and universities that are affiliated with our technology partner, 2U, Inc. You can see a list of courses here.

Will I receive credit for taking these classes?
No. American University will not accept these courses as transfer credit.

How can I enroll for these classes?
You will enroll as a non-degree-seeking student at the course-providing institution. Your student support advisor will be able to tell you more and walk you through the registration process. IR Online students interested in participating must have a current graduate GPA of at least a 3.0 in their SIS program.

How do I pay for these classes?
You will be billed by the course-providing institution at the school’s current per-credit rate. If you have questions about costs and billing, contact your student support advisor.

Can I apply my financial aid toward these courses?
No, you will not be able to use your International Relations Online financial aid package to fund your courses.

What if the school’s semester schedule is different than International Relations Online’s?
You will attend courses on the schedule dictated by the course-providing institution. The International Relations Online course schedule only applies to International Relations Online courses.

How will the online learning experience be different?
The online learning experience will be very similar to your experience with International Relations Online. These schools also partner with 2U, the technology company that provides our virtual campus. This means all classes will be live, online, and taught by university faculty. Like SIS, these schools have also partnered with 2U to create their course content, so you will continue to benefit from immersive, dynamic, self-paced coursework.