15 Must-Read International Security Blogs

Today, we live in an increasingly interconnected world. Threats and breaches to state and human security in certain geographic regions have the ability to affect international security — nothing is isolated. In order to stay informed with what security issues are occurring and evolving around the world and how these factors impact global security, American University’s global security master’s program compiled a list of 15 must-read international security blogs that cover topics ranging from global security in a post-9/11 era to regional alliances to violent conflicts between civil and non-state actors.

Atlantic Council: NATOSource
This blog provides daily news on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a powerful international alliance committed to safeguarding the security of its members through political and military tactics. As a resource for readers to stay updated about NATO events and news, the global security blog helps shape the security conversation.

Center for a New American Security: The Agenda
The Agenda covers news, events, op-eds, and press releases on topics including Asia-Pacific security, Middle East security, technology, energy resources, and U.S. defense policy.

Federation of American Scientists: FAS Strategic Security Blog
FAS Strategic Security covers important national and international security issues. The blog makes special use of maps and graphics to illustrate important points.

Flightglobal: The Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line
The DEW Line is unique in that it provides technical news on the latest advancements in technology related to the global defense industry.

Citizens for Global Solutions: The Global Citizen
The Global Citizen functions as a national movement committed to achieving shared values of world peace and security. It is a non-technical blog that features opinions and commentary articles on issues affecting the average citizen.

International Security Information Service Europe
The International Security Information Service (ISIS) Europe is an innovative research and advisory organization. The ISIS Europe blog has a regional focus and features posts on international issues, specifically related to Europe and its security.

Small Wars Journal
The Small Wars Journal uses this multi-author blog to publish news and commentary pieces on wars that fall between diplomatic words and global thermonuclear war, termed “small wars.” Additionally, the SWJ Blog also posts a daily aggregation of global security news called the SWJ Roundup. The site also divides media coverage by country for easy navigation.

The Duck of Minerva
The authors of this unique blog discuss world politics from an academic perspective. Currently, core contributors include teachers from American University, Hobart & William Smith College, University of Missouri-Columbia, and University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

The Guardian: Julian Borger’s Global Security
Borger, The Guardian’s diplomatic editor, provides a journalistic view of global security issues. Borger was previously a news correspondent in the U.S., the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans, making him a prime source of knowledge.

The Long War Journal: Threat Matrix
The Threat Matrix is a blog owned by The Long War Journal, which focuses on providing original and accurate reporting from on-the-ground reports, wire reports, and confidential documents. The “Long War” is another name for the “Global War on Terror.”

The New York Times: At War
At War is a blog that features insightful articles and answers to questions about post-9/11 conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

Wired: Danger Room
Wired magazine’s Danger Room focuses on predicting the future of national security. The blog reports on what’s new and coming up in the fields of science, technology, entertainment, business, security, and design.

Women In International Security (WIIS)
WIIS exclusively focuses on advancing the role of women in the international peace and security field. The sites caters to women who want to advance in their careers as leaders and are interested in achieving global security. The blog features in-depth analyses about the connection between international security and gender.

Political Violence @ A Glance
Political Violence @ a Glance answers questions on the most pressing problems related to violence and protests in the world’s conflict zones. Distinguished experts from American University, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Tufts, and many more universities offer detailed analyses about political violence.

PunditWire provides a platform for former speechwriters and staff members of government offices to contribute and voice their thoughts in the national dialogue and debate on several topics — from business and civil rights to environmental science and technology.