Academics Overview

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International Relations Online’s master’s programs are designed to prepare you with essential, foundational knowledge and skills for understanding international relations. Coursework in the program will provide you with the following competencies:

Foundational Knowledge: You will gain knowledge of concepts, organizations, and policy debates in the field of international relations. You will explore the theoretical assumptions underpinning arguments and proposals, and understand the major theories of international relations.

Critical and Analytical Skills: You will be able to demonstrate critical and analytical writing, presentation, and thinking skills in the analysis of international relations as well as develop skills in quantitative research methods.

Professional Skills: You will learn how to analyze policy to evaluate the effectiveness of programs. You will also acquire the intercultural skills to analyze and interpret conflicts that involve people of different cultures; to understand the process of intercultural negotiation and adaptation; and to appreciate how culturally determined values, beliefs, and worldviews shape behavior at all levels.

Expertise: You will develop proficiency in a subject area beyond foundational knowledge through in-depth study of a specialization subfield.

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